Houston (Sydney) we have a domain.

We’re two weeks shy of five months in Sydney and after threatening for weeks (months!) to turn our #DadicsDownUnder hashtag into a blog, I’ve finally sat down, bought the domain and a theme. So we’re here!

We have a heap of stories to share and experiences to recount; so many so that I honestly have no idea where to start. We have chatted to so many people about our journey thus far, on Whatsapp and social media that we thought this would be a great space for us to share everything we’ve learned from an emigration perspective, as well as offer an insight into our new life in Sydney after a lifetime in Johannesburg. Not much will be off limits … we’d like this to be an honest account; so there will be no sugar-coating the tough times or playing down how absolutely life-changing this move has been for us as a family, in the best possible way.

Also, this will be a combined effort – a joint blog with both Dave and I contributing, which will be interesting! Expect heartfelt, emotional and family-focused updates from me, and intellectual, carefully-crafted and insightful posts from *Dave.

It’s been a while since either of us blogged and I’ve got to say, I am excited to get at it again. Even the process of getting Dadics Down Under set up has felt cathartic, so I just know that pouring out my mind’s contents every now and then is going to be nothing short of therapeutic.

*Dave’s already sitting here, rolling his eyes at me and wondering how often I’m going to be putting him under pressure to meet my deadlines!

About Nicki

Life goal = breakfast food for every meal. Eternally optimistic wife, mum, social media manager, runner & lover of Instagram.

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  1. Leanne Rees

    Yay! You’re writing again! I followed Waiting For Luca and One of the Boys. I really enjoyed your heartfelt and honest posts. Looking forward to hearing more from you in this new phase of life. xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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