I don’t know if I can pinpoint the exact moment it started to feel like home. Maybe it was when I managed to arrive safely and swiftly at an unfamiliar destination without the help of Google Maps. Maybe it was when I was driving a car-full of other peoples’ children home from soccer practice, their […]


Real. Raw. Random. I’ve been wanting to write about … stuff … for ages, I just didn’t know how to frame it, or what exactly I’d be writing about. So consider this a warning: some of this may sound disjointed, nonsensical or meaningless. But I just need to get it out. … It’s been over […]

18 months

Eighteen months. A year and a half. Roughly five hundred and forty eight days. I can’t believe it, but also I can. Things feel less foreign, less confusing and I feel less out of place. It doesn’t take me 90 minutes to do a “quick shop at Woolies”. Actually, I don’t really shop at Woolies […]

Things no one tells you will happen when you emigrate.

…only because you have to experience them first hand. The first day. Week. WEEKS or even MONTHS at your new job will be horrible. They’ll be tough, trying and stressful. But you WILL come out of that haze of confusion after a couple of months (I think I finally felt “okay” after three-ish months) and […]

6 Months.

I actually can’t believe it! I mean I really, really can’t! How the hell has time flown? In the months leading up to our leaving, I was filled with so much anxiety, that at times I thought I might need medical attention. Through the endless, tearful farewells, emotional, sleepless nights, heart-wrenching “dronk verdriet” braais and […]

Conversations at a bus stop

I have a list of blog post ideas that I jotted down after setting this site up. Really quirky, interesting topics that could probably be anecdotal, honest and give you insight into what the last 5 months as new immigrants has been like.  The list includes: The gross things people do on the train Aussies […]

Houston (Sydney) we have a domain.

We’re two weeks shy of five months in Sydney and after threatening for weeks (months!) to turn our #DadicsDownUnder hashtag into a blog, I’ve finally sat down, bought the domain and a theme. So we’re here! We have a heap of stories to share and experiences to recount; so many so that I honestly have […]